**world premiere
*us premiere
^ny premiere
+written for ml

Kathryn Alexander/Juraj Kojs
The Harbingers**+(multimedia theater piece)

Peter Apfelbaum
Song of the Mystic Thread ** (Ensemble Ipse)

Jon Appleton
Stop Time**+ (tap dancing flutist)

Trevor Baca
mon seul desir**(flutes/clarinets/vln/clo)

Simon Bainbridge
Memorial**(alto fl, vla)

Christian Banasik
Ik’ * (fl, electronics)

Jean-Baptiste Barriere
Crossing the Blind Forest * (bass fl-picc, interactive multi-media)
Distant Mirrors **+ (interactive installation performance via skype w/Camilla Hoitenga)
Contemplation**+(alto fl, interactive multi-media)

Lynn Bechtold
Shuffle**(2 fl, vln, tape)

Dan Becker
Fade**+ (fl, clo, pno, perc) Common Sense Composers Collective Commission

Eve Beglarian
Preciosilla (Margaret’s Mix) [fl/alto fl, tape]
Samurai Song **+ (voice, alto flute)
Five Things**+ (fl, bsn, speaker, woodblock)
Robin Redbreast+ (piccolo, voice, electronics)
I Will Not Be Sad in This World**bass fl version (bass fl/fixed media)
Tower of Ivory**+
Can I have it without begging? ^ (flute/fixed media)

Eve Beglarian/Phil Kline
The Story of B**+

Gordon Beeferman

Johanna Beyer
Have Faith! * (fl, soprano)

Betsey Biggs
Parallel Lives**+(multimedia theater piece for electronics, video, and fl/actor/dancer)

John Bischoff
Rondo ** (fl, cl, tbn, clo, perc, pno, live electronics)

Per Bloland
…walk now and then into the breath that blows coldly past… **+ (fl/tape)

Greg Boardman
A Lifetime in 9**+ (alto fl/fl/tape/live processed electronics)

Victoria Bond
From the Atlas of Imaginary Places** (for Percussia)

Mike Boyd
Getting Across Town ^ (graphic score played by Ipse Ensemble)

Anthony Braxton
Composition No. 146 (Moogie and Stetson) ^ (12 fl/2 tubas/perc)

Kristen Broberg
Withering Frost ** (Ensemble Ipse)

Nick Brooke
Jarak Jauh **+ (picc/fl/alto fl, tape)

Richard Brooks
What Goes Around ** (fl/ob)

Marguerite Brown
Nonet **

Zack Browning
Network Slammer ^ (fl, tape)

Herbert Brun
U Turn To** (tape, dancer)

Kenji Bunch (music and libretto)
Confessions of the Woman in the Dunes **+ (voice, 2vln, vla, clo, pno, tbn, tpt, fl/alto)

Robert Cantrick
Three Mimes** (chamber opera for flute and baritone)

Richard Carrick
The Veins of Marble *(either/or)
La Scene Miniature **(arr. fl,bass cl,clo, pno)
Lanterne **+ (bass flute)
Autour **+
Graphic Series: Lead Sheets #16, 31 ** (Either/Or)

Ryan Carter
Not One, Not Two ^ (fl, tape)

Mahir Cetiz
Enfilade: Lamento/Cambiata **(argento ensmble)

Chris Chafe
A Day in the Sun **+ (flute, electronics, video)

Quentin Chiappetta
The International Express **(fl, vla, harp, 2 perc)

Paul Clift
Infinite Regress**(argento ensemble)
Sous les paves **(either/or)

Robert C. Constable, Jr.
Onceathon**+ (fl, tape)
The Struggle Against Consonance **+ (fl, pno)

Dan Cooper/Otto Luening transcription
Moonflight **(fl, tape,  live electronics)
Three Nocturnes** (fl, dig.delay)

Dan Cooper
Suite** (fl)
Trio**(fl, cl, pno)

Caroline Cotto
Saints and Sinners (fl/mixed media) **+

Jessie Cox
Wereds **+ (bass flute/piccolo)

Viet Cuong
Nothing If Not ** (American Modern Ensemble)

Chaya Czernowin
Winter Songs II:Stones ^

Corey Dargel
Born and Raised **+ (fl, voice, electronics)
Fables on Global Warming ** (evening length theater piece in collaboration with Karole Armitage and ArmitageGoneDance!)

Carlo De Incontrere
Meeres Stille ** (bass fl/fl, piano, tape)

Kento Iwasaki
Project Ethereal **+ (fl, vla, hp, 2 percussion)

Stefania De Kenessey
Bonfire of the Vanities** (opera)

Zosha DiCastri
Akkord I * (flute, pno, electronics, interactive sculpture)

Natacha Diels
A Case for Dysfunctional Persistence **(either/or)

Joseph DiPonio
Interiors I **+ (flute, interactive electronics)

Cornelius Dufallo
Mindscape 3 (solo flute and digital loops)**+

Iancu Dumistrescu
Cosmic Pulse(II)** (instruments and computer)
Unstable Molecule**(ensemble)
Black Holes’ Collision**(ensemble and computer)

Max Duykers
Deep Lines **(fl/cl/vln/clo)
Dark Body**(fl/vln/clo/pno)
Flame**+(interdisciplinary fl/fixed media)
Folding Music **+ (fl,cl,vln,clo,pno,perc)

Jordan Dykstra
Pitch Gradient with Noise #6 (in Bb) **(ensemble)

John Eaton
Two Brecht Songs ^ (fl/bass, cl/bass, vla, clo, sop)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button**(pocket opera)

Cenk Ergun
Something, Something Else, Something ** (American Modern Ensemble)
a place for everything and everything in its place **+(bass fl, bass cl, vibraphone)

Mohammed Fairouz
Sumeida’s Song**(chamber opera)

Michael Finckel
Palisades ** (cellos, fl, tbn, concertina, gamelan)

Bernd Franke
Solo 7fach – in Distanz * (flutes, tbn, 2 vln, vla, clo, perc)

David Brynjar Franzson
on Sameness and Similarities * (fl, sax, cello, perc)

Miguel Frasconi
Reading Poetry with Eyes Closed **+ (fl, cl, vln, clo, pno, perc)
arr. Suite for Percussion by Lou Harrison **+ (fl, cl, vln, clo, pno, perc)

Michael Frengel
Dropped on My Head Upside Down** (fl/tape)

Joel Phillip Friedman
Flauto Oscuro**+ (fl)
Quicksilver**+ (fl, tape)

Kristi Fullerton
Design**+ (sop, fl, vla, pno)

Peter Garland
Palm Trees – Pine Trees**+ (fl, clo, pno, 2 perc)

Erin Gee
Mouthpiece 33 **+ (bass fl, bass cl, el gtr, cello)

Assaf Gidron
Trio for Flute, Viola, and Harp **

Daniel Goode
AnnTrack ** (alto fl, cl, tbn, 12 celli)
AnnCela Express **(alto fl, cl, tbn, 12 celli)

Daniel Grantham
deconstruct reorder conjoin repeat **

Anthony Green
Hover **

Erik Griswold
The Yellow Fog**(flutes/clarinets/vln/clo)

Matthew Guerrieri
Dynaflow Descant** (fl, tape)

Wally Gunn
Long Distance** (American Modern Ensemble)

John Halle
Full Spectrum Dominance**+ (fl/tap dancer, clo, pno, perc1, perc2/narrator) Common Sense Composers Collective commission

Ed Harsh
Guileless**+ (fl, clo, pno, 2 perc) Common Sense Composers Collective commission

Zachary Hejny
a green stream **+ (fl, pno, electronics)

Peter Herbert
Thinking Out Loud**(fl, dbl bass, perc, pno)

Jeff Herriott
Wanderer Hymn ^ (bass fl, electronics)

Alec Hall
HyperWarp **(either/or)

Liisa Hirsch
Imprint ** (ob, bass fl, vla, clo, 2 basses, perc)

Elizabeth Hoffman
Tranced Placed**+(fl/live electronics)
Da Dum Dum Pling **+ (fl/vln/vla/clo/pno)
for margaret: bloom back brighter **+ (flute/electronics)
for margaret: deep dark dive **+ (flute/electronics)

Melissa Hui
Wish You Were Here**+ (flutes, clo, pno, perc) Common Sense Composers Collective commission

James IE Ilgenfritz III
How To Talk To Your Children About Not Looking At The Eclipse **+ (fl)
Apophenia V: Outmoded Large Crumbling Oval Lime-Green Midwestern Plastic-Frame Reading Glasses **(ensemble)
In the Summer Every Truth is Like a Saturday * (ensemble)
I Looked at the Eclipse **+ (multimedia opera)

Gina Insalaco
Composition for Bass Flute (with fixed media) **+

Kevin James
Counting in Quileute **

Monique Jean
Low Memory #2 ^ (bass fl/picc, elec)

Arthur Kampela
Happy Days**(electronics, flute/actor)

Noah Kaplan
Penetralium ** (American Modern Ensemble)

John Kennedy
Transitional Songs** (fl, cello, pno, 2 perc)

Jin Hi Kim
Tilings **(either/or)

Jerome Kitzke
For Pte Tokahewin Ska**+(bass fl/picc/alto, bass cl, bassoon, cello, hammond organ, percussion)

Philippe Kocher
Erzahlung/Tale** (fl, vln, el gtr, clo, pno, elec)

Juraj Kojs
Doorways**+(fl-picc/javanese gamelan ensemble)

Juraj Kojs/Margaret Lancaster
The Apartment of Earthly Delight

Richard Kostelanetz
Openings**(interpretive performer)

Leo Kraft
A Single Voice** (alto flute)

Drew Krause
Banjo Suicide** (chamber ens)
Coil** (fl, clo, pno)
Tweety**+ (fl/tape)

Ursula Kwong-Brown
Unwinding V** (Ensemble Ipse)

Joan La Barbara
Desert Myths (for Nai-Ni Chen’s Isle of Dunes) **+ (voice, 2 vln, vla, clo, tpt, tbn, pno, fl/nat am fl)
Atmos**+(sonic atmosphere, fl/actor/dancer)

Alexis Lamb
Murmuration**(fl, vla, harp, 2 perc.)

Catherine Lamb
interius/exterius**+ (ghost ensemble)

Claire Laronde/Margaret Lancaster
Rencontres**+ (dancer, dancer/flutist)

Philip Lasser
Suite for Flute and Piano**+

Luigi Laveglia
Code of Light **+(fl, cl, vln, pno)
Recall**+(fl, cl, vln, clo, pno, perc)

Mary Jane Leach
WolffTones E-tude** (downtown ensemble)

Anne LeBaron
Solar Music* (bass fl/alto fl/fl/picc, harp)

Jae-Moon Lee
M.O.N.T.A.G.E. * (fl,cl, vln, clo)

Jim Legg
Three Scenes from New York** (fl/pno)

George Lewis
Hexis * (fl/cl/pno/perc/vln/clo)

Katarina Leyman
Solgatt * (fl/pno)

Eric Lyon
Diamond Hands **+ (fl, pno)
Apartment Music for Margaret Lancaster+ (fl, fixed media)
Bottle Episode**+ (me, fixed media)
Laughter is the Best Medicine**+ (fl, fixed media)
Lithium for solo flute **+ (arr. Nirvana)
Power With a Cherry on Top**+ (fl, tape)
Onceathon II:the Kiss of Constable**+ (fl, tape)
Fanfare for Gordon Mumma**+ (treble instrument/s, tape)
Inferno* (fl, tape)
The Blistering Price of Power** (fl, tape)
Paradigms II:In a Field of Turnips** (alto fl, tape)
Shock and Awe (fl, vcl, pno, 2 perc) **+
Thought Crimes of the 21st Century**+ (fl, pno, perc. ens.)
Vectors 7: Perky Bits**+ ( fl, 4-hand pno)
Vectors 5: Intuitions**+ (fl, vln, clo,hn, perc, pno)
An American Fantasy**+ (fl, vln, clo, hn, cl, bsn, perc, pno)
Hot Pants* (picc, tape)
Heavy Rotation**+ (fl, perc)
International Male Nightmare**+ (fl, perc)
Chutes and Ladders**+ (solo piccolo)
Sensible Brutality**+ (solo piccolo)
My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain**+ (solo piccolo)
The Last Years of Democracy in Athens**+ (fl)
The New Improved Truth, Book III**+ (fl/tape)
New World Sonatina ^ (fl, cl, vln, clo, pno, perc)
The Lancaster Overture **+ (fl, perc. ens.)

Sky Macklay
Harmonifriends** (for Ghost Ensemble and Harmonitrees)

David Mahler
After Richard Hugo** (fl, cl, t-bone, pno, gtr/mandolin)

Keeril Makan
Persona** (chamber opera)
If We Knew the Sky ** (large chamber ensemble)

Cecile Marti
Im Kreis**(fl, cl, vln, clo, perc, pno)

Miya Masaoka
States of Being, States of Becoming **
Spirals of Energy **+ (ghost ensemble)

Paula Matthusen
forgiveness anthems**+(fl/tape)
Of Whole Movements and Migrations **(fl, cl, perc, pno, electronics)

George Cork Maul
Calliope**(fl, hp, perc)
heartbreakthrough**(fl, hp, perc)

Eugene McBride
Fancy ** (fl, cl, vln, clo, pno, tenor)

Gabriel Merizalde
Diverging Audio Flies (fl/vln/fixed media) **+

Melodie Michel
No tempo de la **+ (fl, bsn, pno)

Bonnie Miksch
Inklings on the Loose ** (fl, tape)

Lara Morciano
Embedding Tangles* (flute, interactive electronics)

Roland Moser
An Anecdote, a Poem, and a Scene *(soloist)

Jon Myers
Totems **+ (fl, pno)

Ron Nagorcka
Artamidae **+ (flutes, cl, tbn, gtrs, synth, didjeridoo)

Ai Negishi
Tanpopo*(fl, perc, electronics)

Amanda Nicholas
Verdant (fl-bass fl/vln/fixed media) **+

Carlo Nicolau
Espejismos ^ (arr. fl, vla, harp, 2 perc)
Immigrant Dream**(bass fl, vla, harp, 2 perc)

Milica Paranosic
Echo 4** (flutes, live processing)
Ode to Zumbi**+(fl/berimbau-voice/electronics)
Postcards from India (Postcard #1) **+(flute, mixed media)
Lady M**+ (flute theater concerto; Version 1 w/string orchestra, Version 2 w/ interactive electronics)

Joseph Pehrson
Lunar Tunes **+(fl, cl, pno)
Consideration ** (fl, cl, vln, pno)

Gagi Petrovic
There is nothing **+(flute, media)

Michael Pisaro-Liu
Territorial Refrain** (site-specific Ipse installation)

Larry Polansky
Piker**+ (picc)
Cinderella**+ (fl)
Tetherball** (6 players)
Now, My Dear Companions**+ (fl, cl, tbn, elec gtr, pno, perc, 2 singers)
Jargon ** (fl, cl, tbn, 12 celli)

Robert D. Polansky
Beatitudes for flute/narrative/dance **+
Echo Bridge+ (fl/tape)
Sleepless Nights**+ (fl, pno)

Andrew Posner
Your Tidal Breath**+(fl, vln, vla, clo)

Nathan Prillaman

Stephen Prina
Concerto for Modern, Movie, and Pop Music for Ten Instruments and Voice *
The Way He Always Wanted It XI * (flute sextet)

Bob Pritchard
The Memory of Your Touch **+ (flute, interactive electronics, RUBS suit)
…to travel the distance of a changing feeling…  *^ (fl performer, dancer, interactive elec, RUBS suits)

Gene Pritsker
Sorrow, Like Pleasure, Creates Its Own Atmosphere**+ (fl, tape)
Galileo Starry Messenger **+(fl, cl, pno)
Variation on Pehrson’s Motorcycle **+(fl/el gtr)
Modified #5 **+ (fl, tape)
Gears**+ (fl, gtr, udu drum, cajon)
We Have Won, You Have No Say ** (fl, cl, vln, pno)

Karin Rehnqvist
Raven Chant ** (written for Either/Or)
Anrop/Inrop/Utrop *

Paul Reller
In Praise of Buddy Hackett**+ (fl, tape)
SalonMusik I **+ (fl, pno)
Salvation Army**+ (fl.tape)
Tres Moderne** (chamber orchestra)
Corngun**+ (fl, vln, pno, perc ens.)

Douglas Repetto
Counting Piece for Larry** (7 parts)

Belinda Reynolds
Thread**+ (fl, clo, pno, 2 perc.)
Share**+ (alto fl, pno) Common Sense Composers Collective commission

Ben Richter
“Exaltation” from Tides of the Wolf ** (ensemble)
Rewild**+(ghost ensemble)

Marga Richter
Serenade**(fl, hp, perc)

John Ritz
The Umbilicus of Limbo **

David Rogers
Links and Patties**+ (picc, perc)
Onceathon IV: They Taught Her How to Kil**+l (fl, perc. ens)
Berceuse **+ (2 flutes, perc ensemble)

Kurt Rohde
Double Trouble^(double viola concerto with chamber ens.)

Kaija Saariaho
Cendres* (alto fl, cello, pno)

Kamala Sankaram
Thumbprint ** (chamber opera)

Rebecca Saunders
stirrings still^ (alto fl, cl, oboe, pno, perc)
murmurs * (either/or)

Justin Schmidt
Slower Flutes (fl/fixed media) **+

Denis Schuler
Kid **(pno 4 hands and feet)

Francis Schwartz
The Death of Garcia Lorca **+ (fl/tape)

Ronen Shai
Meeting **+(fl, cl, vln, pno)

Elliott Sharp
Venus & Jupiter**+(either/or)

Assaf Shatil
Chimera **+ (fl, pno)

Craig Shepard
October Fragments * (indeterminate inst.)

Chatori Shimizu
Remnants of a Toad on the Lotus**+(fl, sop sax, gtr, clo)

David Shohl
The Distant Bell**+ (fl, clo, pno)

Bekah Simms
Skinscape ^ (fl, elec.)

Wil Smith
Black Book**+(fl, elec.)

JoyEllen Snellgrove
In the Dark **+ (alto fl)

Brandon Lincoln Snyder
Like Lightning**+ (fl, alto sax, pno)

Tyshawn Sorey
Trio for Harold Budd**(fl, perc, pno)

Paul Steenhuisen
Bread (13 instruments and soundfiles) *
cette obscure clarte qui tombe des etoiles (fl, tape) *
pomme de terre (piccolo) **+
Toneland Security (bass flute) **+

Benjamin Stein
In the Deep (fl/fixed media)**+

Woody Steinken
Thunderstorms Over the Desert (fl/vln/fixed media) **+

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Klang Cycle (American premiere, Metropolitan Museum/Cloisters/Breuer Bldg)
Harmonien for flute (Harmonies, 5th hour) *
Schonheit for fl, bass cl, trumpet (Beauty, 6th hour)*

Amanda Stuart
Song of the Trees*(fl/cl/electronics)

James Tenney
Forms I-IV for ensemble *

Nick Terruso
Astral: The Nightmare (bass fl/fixed media) **+

Jacob Ter Veldhuis
Lipstick * (fl/alto fl, tape)
Garden of Love ** (fl,tape version)
Jesus is Coming**(fl, tape version)
IT **+(fl/tape/video)
Farewell Feathered Friends* (piccolo, fixed media)
Peace Will Come*+ (alto fl, fixed media)

Zach Thomas
Propulsions for solo flute **

Jasmine Thomasian
Spring will Come **+ (flute quartet)

Molly Thompson
The Great Hush**+ (fl, tape)

Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Ro/Serenity * (bass fl/bass cl/pnon/perc/ 2 vln/vla/clo)

Andy Tierstein
The Shooting of Dan McGrew**

Christopher Trapani
Past All Deceiving**(argento ensemble)
Anyplace Else*(either/or)

Yvonne Troxler
Penn 1 **+ (bass fl, bass cl, pno, perc)

Spencer Topel
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking **+ (flute and surrogate instruments)

Chaz Underriner
Landscape: Ghost  (Home) **

Robert Voisey
Hunger** (voice, tape)

Julian Wachner
Inverted Sky** (flute, live electronics, kite installation)

Shunyin Wang
For Whom the Bell Tolls **+ (alto fl, cl/bass cl)

Ann Warren
Keeping the Waters Troubled **+ (fl, cello, dancer)

Matthew Welch
Variasi Ombak**(fl, vla, hp, 2 perc)

Lawrence Widdoes
Gnome* (fl, pno)

Krzysztof Wolek
Arguro^ (flutes/live electronics)
Un Claro del Tiempo*(sop, flutes, pno, live electronics)

Randy Woolf
The Shadow of the Sun**+ (fl, clo, pno, perc) Common Sense Composers Collective commission

Sam Wu
Three Poems by Su Shi **+ (sop, fl, gtr)

Justin Yang
Sleep Study **+ (bass flute)

Carolyn Yarnell
10/18^ (fl, guitar processor)
And there was sorrow in her eyes….**+ (flutes, clo, pno, 2 perc) Common Sense Composers Collective commission

Nina C. Young
Traced Upon Cinders (either/or)

Yu-Chung Tseng
Fantasy (alto fl, electronics)

George Zelenz
X, Only Better**+ (fl, clo, pno, 2 perc)
And Then All At Once**+ (fl, 3 hand pno)

Lev ‘Ljova’ Zhurbin
Together **+  (fl, vla, harp, perc)
On the Street Where I Live**+ (fl, vla, harp, perc)