Either/OR Festival 14!!

I can’t think of a more thrilling way to end the spring season than performing in the Either/OR Festival.  On Thursday, June 26th at the Whitebox Art Center, Theatrical Solos and Duos will feature Aaron Baird getting up close and personal with his bass in Druckman’s Valentine, Vasko Dukovski once again creating a glorious sonic world, Lucier, many Kagel concoctions and yours truly performing Hosokawa and dusting off the catsuit for Stockhausen’s Zungenspitzentanz!!……….On Sunday, June 29th, 3 pm at Issue Project Room, Richard Carrick, David Shively and I will perform Morton Feldman’s epic masterpiece For Philip Guston —5 hours of exquisite bliss!!!  Rarely performed, this will be a very special event — one that I’m grateful to be a part of!